Main Window

The main window is mostly comprised of the tweets list, filters list, the toolbar, and a menu.

  • ToolBar
  • The ToolBar contains commonly-used functionality.

    • Add Checkmarked Tweets to Deletion Queue
    • Any tweets with a checkmark next to them will be added to the Queue for deletion.

      The Queue can be opened by either pressing Ctrl+Q, selecting Queue... from the Tools menu, or by clicking on the Queued link at the bottom-right of the window.

      The Queue and tweet deletion isn't support within the Free edition of Twitter Delitter.

    • Import Twitter Data
    • Before Twitter Delitter can display your tweets, you will need to import them into the application. This can be done by going to your Twitter account and downloading your tweet archive. Once downloaded to your computer (you will receive an email from Twitter containing a link to it), use the the window that opened when clicking on this toolbar button to import it.

    • Login
    • You will need to allow Twitter Delitter access to your Twitter feed so it can delete any tweets that you have queued. Twitter and Twitter Delitter itself uses a method called OAuth to access your feed so that applications (such as Twitter Delitter) do not see your password but instead are issued a token that you can revoke at any time.

      This Login button will change depending on if Twitter Delitter is authorised to access your account; the button will change to Logged In, and clicking it will prompt Twitter Delitter to ask you if you would like it to forget your login information (the token that was issued previously).

      You'll need to reauthorise Twitter Delitter should you ask it to forget the login information and you would like to delete any further tweets from within the application.

  • Filters
  • The Filters list is generated in realtime when your tweets archive has been loaded. Various filters are created based on the data within the archive, such as Twitter clients used for posting tweets, the years tweets were posted in, and more. They are then listed in the Filters list and can be toggled by placing a checkmark next to them.

    The Search Tweets... textbox at the top-right of the window can also be used for filtering; please be aware that it is case-sensitive.

  • Tweets
  • The Tweets list contains all of the tweets that were found within the imported tweet archive, minus any tweets that were removed via purging (purging a tweet removes it from the Tweets list entirely but keeps it on your live twitter feed), deleting via the Queue, and the current filtering options.

    Placing a checkmark next to a tweet and clicking on the Add Checkmarked Tweets to Deletion Queue button will add all checkmarked tweets to the Queue and colourise them in red as well as striking-through the text to highlight that it is queued for deletion.

    You can also right-click on tweets and select Add to Queue and that will only add the tweets that are highlighted, and not checkmarked. Right-clicking on any tweets that are already in the Queue will then change the menu item to Remove from Queue instead.