The Settings window allows you to customise Glassix to your requirements.


This tab allows you to specify what happens when TD is launched.

  • Check for updates every 7 days; no personal information is sent Default: enabled
  • If enabled, TD will perform an automated check at startup every seven (7; this can be changed in the Advanced tab) days to see if there is a new version available.

    Please note that absolutely no information is sent to the server; TD connects via HTTP just like a web-browser does (but TD sends much less data than a browser - nothing, in fact) to retrieve the latest version number and prompt you if it is newer than the version you are currently running.

    The prompt - if there is a newer version - shows you the changelog for the new version, along with a Download button. Clicking Download will download the installer for the new version (again, just like a web-browser; there is no "hidden" data being exchanged) and then launch it. You'll need to exit TD for the installer to continue.


    The automated update checking simply automates the process of clicking the Check for Updates menu-item within the Help drop-down menu in the main window's menu.


The Twitter tab contains settings pertaining to Twitter.

  • Delete the current Twitter archive from Twitter Delitter now
  • Clicking on this link will prompt you if you are sure you would like to entirely delete the imported Twitter archive (and any queued tweets) from Twitter Delitter. This will only remove the imported data, and will not have any affect on your live Twitter feed.

    Please note: if you would like to import a more up-to-date Twitter feed, there is no need to first delete the existing feed via this link; you can just go ahead and import and the previous archive will be overwritten. The existing Queue, if any, will not be maintained, however.


The Advanced tab contains settings that are typically for "advanced" users, or are simply considered obscure.
Click on any item within the grid to see its description underneath.


Any changes made to any items within the Advanced grid are immediate. Clicking on Cancel will not undo those changes.