All documented changes that have been made to the Twitter Delitter software after the first v1.00 public release are detailed below.

v1.38 : 8th July, 2020.

Updated installer.
Tweet Score Editor could have invalid UI states. [more]

v1.37 : 29th May, 2020.

Auto-Import Twitter Code to Settings - Advanced.
Visual indicator when refreshing rate limits. [more]
Importing of new Twitter archive tweet. [more]

v1.36 : 3rd March, 2020.

Restoring a back-up gave an error. [more]

v1.36 : 3rd March, 2020.

Live monitoring. [more]
Imports live tweets from [more]
Purge Tweet(s) to main tweets list context menu. [more]
Automatically Log in to Twitter When Required to via Settings - Twitter window. [more]
HTML entities are now decoded in the tweets list, via Settings - Advanced - TweetHtmlDecoding. [more]
Improved handling if Twitter access token revoked. [more]
The year 2020 was appearing in the wrong place in the filtering list. [more]
Tweet Score - Reset Scores before Run wasn't visually unchecked across sessions. [more]

v1.35 : 25th February, 2020.

Tweet Scoring to Tools menu. [more]
Option to not login at startup to Settings - Startup. [more]
Option to initially show tweet groups as collapsed in Settings - Tweets. [more]
Various quality of life improvements. [more]
Reset Filters above the Filtering list.
Greatly expanded the displayed Rate Limits information. [more]
Changed various login/logout UI elements. [more]
Various changes, optimisations, and bug fixes.
Updated documentation. [more]

v1.34 : 13th February, 2020.

System tray support to Settings - Startup. [more, more]
Reduce Filter icon contrast to Settings - Tweets. [more]
eBooks section to Settings.
Notice when imported Twitter archive contains no posted tweets. [more]
Importing tweets now updates the eBooks generator. [more]
Removed column sorting for nonsensical columns in the tweets list. [more]
Greatly reduced file I/O when performing tweet/deletion queue actions. [more]
Completely redesigned eBooks feature, including posting to live Twitter feed. [more, more]
Tweets can be manually posted to live Twitter feed. [more]
Significant graphical performance improvements to tweets and queue operations.
Much faster eBooks tweet generation.

v1.33 : 6th February, 2020.

Initial Twitter rate limiting information. [more]
Additional items to the Help - Online menu.
Removed debug code that slightly slowed down tweet deletion. [more]
Wrong deleted tweet count in status bar. [more]
Delete Tweets button in Deletion Queue enabled when nothing check-marked for deletion. [more]

v1.32 : 5th February, 2020.

Replies column to the tweets list. [more]
Pause/Stop Deleting to Deletion Queue window. [more]
Main tweets list and Deletion Queue double-click action to Settings - Tweets. [more]
Search queries are now remembered. [more]
Auto-apply ALL filter is no filters are active when a search query is entered. [more]
Auto-display active tweet in Tweet Details to Settings - Tweets. [more]
Retweet filtering option didn't work. [more]
More responsive UI during tweet queue deletion. [more]
Various changes and optimisations.

v1.3 : 11th November, 2019.

NOTE: Twitter Delitter now requires .NET Framework 4.8!
Support for the new Twitter tweets archive format. [more]
Additional filtering options. [more]
Regular expression tweet searching. [more]
Groups item to the main tweets context menu.
Checkboxes to the Queued Tweets list. [more]
Tweet Details window position is now remembered.
TempPath location to Settings - Advanced.
Crash when attempting to authenticate with Twitter.
Restart required after authorising with Twitter. [more]
Import Twitter Archive was pointing to wrong location on Twitter website.
Significant performance improvements.
Minor interface improvements.

v1.02 : 5th February, 2018.

Preliminary version of Ebooks (Markov Chain tweet generation) to Tools menu.
Preliminary version of user information (click on Logged-In toolbar item to view).
Tooltips to all controls.
Keyboard shortcuts to some windows (for now).
Tweet Details window position is now remembered.
Update checking now works correctly.
Minor interface improvements.

v1.01 : 12th October, 2017.

NOTE: Twitter Delitter now requires .NET Framework 4.7!
Exporting tweets to CSV and TSV files.
Right-click context menu to the Queue window.
Potential crash during authentication process.
Being able to export tweets when none are listed.
Some documentation links were incorrect.
Improvements to the modern-style interface elements.
Improvements to loading speed.
Improvements to the installer.

v1.00 : 10th January, 2017.

First public release.