The eBooks window allows you to generate tweets based on your tweet history using a so-called Markov Chain. This results in a somewhat-readable series of tweets that have been computer generated. The main purpose of this - in the case of Twitter Delitter - is amusement, more than anything.

Tweet deletion is not available within the Free edition.

  • ToolBar
  • The ToolBar provides the main features of the eBooks functionality.

    • Tweets to Generate
    • The total number of tweets that should be generated and shown within the List below.


      In the current version of Twitter Delitter, the generation number may not be exactly as specified as TD will discard any generated tweets it does not deem worthy of keeping (eg. empty). This will be changed in a future update; see here for updates.

    • Generate
    • Begin generating tweets and display them within the List below.

    • Add Blank Tweet
    • Adds a blank tweet to the List; use the Tweet Text textbox to write the contents of the tweet. This allows you to manually post a tweet to the currently logged-in Twitter account.

    • Tweets to Post
    • The total number of checkmarked tweets within the List that will be posted to the currently logged-in Twitter account. Any tweets without a checkmark (tick) or that are empty - or both - will be ignored.

    • Post to Twitter Feed
    • If you're logged into Twitter, clicking on Post to Twitter will post all checkmarked tweets to your Twitter feed as-is. Should you need to, you can click on a tweet and use the Tweet Text textbox to make any changes to a tweet before posting.

  • List
  • This is the list of generated tweets and any tweets that you added via the Add Blank Tweet button within the ToolBar. Only tweets that are checkmarked (ticked) and not empty will be posted. The Status column will contain the status of the posting attempt.

  • Tweet Text
  • Any tweets within the List can be modified before posting by selecting it and then making any changes within this textbox. Changes are reflected immediately within the List.

  • View on Twitter
  • If a tweet was successfully posted via the Post to Twitter ToolBar button, this link will become enabled if the tweet is selected from the list and allow you to view the published tweet on the Twitter site.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unless stated otherwise, these keyboard shortcuts are global to the entire window; pressing them regardless of which control is active will cause them to trigger.

  • Ctrl+N
  • The keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Add Blank Tweet ToolBar button.

  • F5
  • The keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Generate ToolBar button.

  • Escape
  • Closes the window.

  • F1, Help
  • Displays this page of the online documentation.

  • F12, PrintScreen, Snapshot
  • Creates a screenshot of the window and copies it to the clipboard. A system beep can be heard if the copy was successful.