Rate Limit

When an application has been created to use the Twitter service, it has certain limits imposed that are designed to prevent any single application from making excessive or unreasonable use of its resources.

The Rate Limit window allows you to view the current quota that Twitter Delitter has available to it. While TD uses very little resources and generally isn't a concern for most users, it is nonetheless available to view despite it originally being used by the TD author for debugging purposes.

Twitter Delitter will remember the open state of the Rate Limit window and will open it if it was already open when TD was exited.

  • ToolBar
  • Provides various abilities in regards to the Rate Limit window.

    • Refresh
    • Refreshes the contents of the List, updating all shown values. Twitter Delitter will need to be logged into Twitter for the rate limits to be shown.

  • List
  • The list contains all limits known to Twitter Delitter, categorised into separate groups.

    • Name
    • The name of the rate.

    • Current
    • The current level of the rate, out of the maximum Limit.

    • Limit
    • The maximum number for the rate.

    • Reset Time
    • The absolute time of when the rate will be reset. If the Current value becomes zero, then Twitter Delitter will need to wait until this Reset Time has been reached before it can perform the operation that results in the rate being reduced.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unless stated otherwise, these keyboard shortcuts are global to the entire window; pressing them regardless of which control is active will cause them to trigger.

  • F5
  • The keyboard equivalent of clicking on the Refresh ToolBar button.

  • Escape
  • Closes the window.

  • F1, Help
  • Displays this page of the online documentation.

  • F12, PrintScreen, Snapshot
  • Creates a screenshot of the window and copies it to the clipboard. A system beep can be heard if the copy was successful.