Wake On LAN Ex supports various command-line parameters and arguments; they are split into sections below. New commands to access the features of Wake On LAN Ex will be gradually added in each new version.

A parameter can be passed to Wake On LAN Ex by prefixing the parameter with a - dash or / slash character. A list of parameters separated by a comma denotes that any of the items in that list can be used; they're simply aliases and perform the same action.

For example, both of the following will do exactly the same thing.

WoLEX.exe -hidesplash
WoLEX.exe -nosplash

A future update will provide command-line options for all available features.

Application Core

Wake On LAN Ex runs on an application framework that was developed especially for my software and has had years of development and refinement. This section provides information on the command-line parameters supported directly by the framework.

  • basicui
  • - to be written -

  • nostats
  • - to be written -

  • nomutex
  • - to be written -

  • delay
  • - to be written -

  • hidesplash, nosplash
  • - to be written -

  • portable
  • - to be written -

  • nopgo
  • - to be written -

Wake On LAN Ex: General

  • noeggs, disableeggs, eggytrumps, rickgrimesisegg
  • Disables access to any of the secret "easter eggs" within Wake On LAN Ex.

    This may be of use in business environments as one of the hidden easter eggs displays a new window with an interface that may not be considered appropriate for a work environment due to its "artistic" use of colour.