Address Book List

The main window is mostly comprised of the address book, which is a list of all devices within that particular address book. There is a toolbar (at the top of the window, by default) that provides access to commonly-used features.

Right-clicking on a device and selecting an action will perform the action on just the selected device, whereas placing checkmarks next to devices and clicking on the Send toolbar button (or any of its menu-items) will perform the action on all of the checkmarked devices. Checkmarked devices are remembered across WoLEX sessions.

  • ToolBar
  • By default, the toolbar is located across the top of the main window. At the time of writing, WoLEX requires restarting for the toolbar to use the system's accent colour.

    • Add
    • Displays the Device Editor so a new device can be added to the address book.

      There is a limit of five devices in the free edition of Wake On LAN Ex.

      • Auto-Discovery
      • Displays the Auto-Discovery window that shows all of the network devices the system has "seen" and allows them to be quickly added to the current address book.

      • Import
      • Imports a previously-exported list of devices from disk. Supports the same import formats as the export formats below.

      • Export
      • Exports the selected device(s) to a file on disk. Only the devices themselves are exported and not the actual parent address book.

        The following export formats are supported:

        • CSV: Comma-Separated Values
        • A .csv file that has each field separated by a comma character.

        • TSV: Tab-Separated Values
        • A .tsv file that has each field separated by a tab character.

        • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
        • A .jso file that is in the JSON format.

        • XML: Extensible Markup Language
        • An .xml file that is in the XML format.

    • Edit
    • Displays the Device Editor for the currently-selected device so it can be modified.

    • Remove
    • Removes the selected devices from the list. A confirmation dialog will be shown if there are more than two items selected and the Settings - Advanced - Interface - ConfirmDeviceRemoval setting is True.

    • Address Book Managerenterprise edition
    • Displays the Address Book Manager that allows the creation, modification, and deletion of address books.

    • Custom Action Editor
    • Displays the Action Editor that allows the creation, modification, and deletion of custom actions.

    • Settings
    • Displays the Settings window.

      • Log
      • Displays the Log Window that displays all of the logged events for the current application session.

      • Check for Update
      • Checks to see if there is an update to Wake On LAN Ex; if there is, the changelog will be shown and you'll be given the option of downloading the updated installer.


        No personal information is sent during the update check; in fact, WoLEX works exactly like a web-browser in that only incidental information is temporarily logged by the update checker such as your IP address. This is standard web-browser functionality.

        You can choose to manually check for an update if you prefer by comparing the version on the download page to your version.

      • Backup & Restore
      • Allows you to back-up and to restore WoLEX's settings to and from a file.

        For Technical Users

        WoLEX compresses your selected settings into a 7-Zip archive to reduce the amount of used space.

      • Portable Mode
      • - not currently available -

      • Editions
      • Displays the Editions comparison chart so you can see which WoLEX edition you are running. Your edition is highlighted with a column of colour.

    • About
    • Displays application information such as build, release date, and so on.

    • Documentation
    • Displays this documentation.

    • Send
    • Clicking the Send button will perform the default action as specified within Settings - Interface - Default Action for all devices that have a checkmark/tick next to them.

      • Wake-Up
      • Wakes-up all devices that have a checkmark/tick next to them; the result of the wake-up attempt is shown within the Status column.

      • Log-Off
      • Tells each device to log-off from their current Windows session.

      • Restart
      • Tells each device to restart their current Windows session.

      • Shutdown
      • Tells each Windows device to shutdown.

      • Custom
      • Any custom actions you've created will be displayed within the Custom sub-menu; selecting the custom action will then run it, passing any relevant device parameters to it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcut keys are active when the Address Book List has the keyboard focus.

  • Ctrl+N, +, Add
  • These are the keyboard equivalents of clicking on the ToolBar - Add button.

  • Enter, Return
  • These are the keyboard equivalents of clicking on the ToolBar - Edit button.

  • Delete
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the ToolBar - Remove button.

  • Ctrl+Delete
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the ToolBar - Clear button.

  • Ctrl+L
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the ToolBar - Load button.

  • Ctrl+S
  • This is the keyboard equivalent of clicking on the ToolBar - Save button.

  • Ctrl+O
  • Opens the folder of the (first) currently selected item.

  • F5, Browser Refresh
  • Rescans and redisplays the Address Book List for the currently active profile.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Unless stated otherwise, these keyboard shortcuts are global to the entire window; pressing them regardless of which control is active will cause them to trigger.

  • F1, Help
  • Displays this online documentation.

  • Ctrl+S
  • Forces a save of the currently active profile to disk. This isn't typically required to be done manually as FileSieve will automatically save the profile when any changes are made. No message is shown when manually saving.

  • Ctrl+W
  • Either does nothing, minimimises WoLEX to the system tray, or entirely exits the application, depending on the Settings - Ctrl+W Action setting.Default: Do nothing